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RKNC Membership Information: Finding Sponsors

So you're interested in joining the River King Newfoundland Club but don't know any members, and you're wondering how you find someone to sponsor you as an applicant.

It's not hard, really, though you may have to put a few miles on your car. (Of course, in the dog fancy, driving is just part of the deal; a drive of less than an hour qualifies as "in your own backyard," and a drive of five hours is generally described as "oh, not too long at all.")

The best thing to do is to attend a few RKNC meetings and events, which you'll find listed in the online calendar. All general meetings and events are open to prospective members, and you can simply show up unannounced if you wish (though contacting the club president probably wouldn't be a bad idea) and you are encouraged to attend one or more of these. (Hey, we're all dog people, so expect a warm welcome.) This is probably the best way to begin meeting other club members and finding a sponsor.

But what if the next club meeting or event is several months away and you don't want to wait that long? Well, there's a way to deal with that. While some members of the club have Newfs simply as pets, there are also many club members active in conformation ("showing"), obedience, and other dog-related activities. Consider attending a dog show or obedience competition (the latter are often referred to as "trials" in the dog world) and look for the Newfs; if the event is being held in the River King region, chances are very good there will be RKNC members there. (Of course, RKNC members regularly travel to events outside the club region as well.)

So how do you found out about such events? Not hard at all. Just do the following:

Thanks for your interest in River King Newfoundland Club — hope to see you soon!