A Tribute to Huey Huge

Note: 2006 was the Year of the Dog, and in celebration of that the noted artist Larry Merrill created a website (and book) entitled Dog Each Day that featured a picture of, and brief story about, a different dog each day. He invited people to submit their photos and stories, and River King's own Lisa Noel submitted her beloved Newf "Huey Huge," who was chosen as the subject dog for July 11 2006.

Huey Huge was my much loved Newfoundland dog. He was very unique in his enormous size, which I would soon discover was needed to hold such a huge heart. He was oversized as far as Newfs are concerned, weighing in at a healthy 200lbs for most of his life. This made walking him or traveling with him quite an adventure. Everywhere we went we had to anticipate many inquiries into his size, type of dog, how much he ate, etc. He easily won over anyone who met him with his gentle demeanor and massive size, even when he slobbered! Huey was very much a local celebrity. He was a therapy dog who regularly visited nursing homes, schools and hospitals. The local Humane Society would request that Huey attend their events to ensure its success, as they knew his presence would draw a crowd.

He appeared on several local television news shows promoting his work as an oversize therapy dog. On a visit to Washington, D.C., we spent over two hours in front of the Nations Capital while people, mostly foreigners, posed for photos with Huey. It seemed he was the bigger attraction that day. Huey did nothing but good things throughout his life, in return he only asked for some love, petting and of course those daily cookies. Huey passed away February 1st of this year [2007], at the age of 9, after beating the odds a year earlier with a life-threatening heart infection. I miss him more than anyone knows and take comfort in knowing he didn't have to have any bad days as he grew older. In his passing his good work continued with the overwhelming amount of support I recieved as well as the donations made in his name to continue helping less fortunate pets. — Lisa